RECYCLED HATS - In March 2010 Catherine exhibited her recycled hats in the Treasures from Trash Exhibition at the Stockport Hat Museum as part of Ruth and Neil Thomson’s knowtrash collection of contemporary recycled artefacts from around the world.  Catherine was asked to make a hat from recycled materials.  In her wardrobe she found an old 1980’s blouse and turned it into three hats.  Utilising previously used materials from her workroom and the trimmings and styling on the blouse to decorate the hats, she was able to make the three hats shown here.  The trim on the cocktail hat is made from an old tie, and the pattern is laid out on the remaining fabric ready to be made into a six piece beret, or cap, using the collar as the peak.

- Also in 2010 Catherine was commissioned to make a 1770 Tricorn to be worn with a costume based upon the painting in Versailles "The pot of Chocolate“ by Michel van Loo. After some research, at the London Museum and the Barbican Libraries into the exact shape and trimming suitable for the period, Catherine made this hat. 


.undecorated tricorn   tricorn lining   finished tricorn